Leaving Israel

Spoiler Alert: Get ready for a really sappy post

Currently I’m on a bus from Eilat to Tel Aviv, where tomorrow I will be boarding a flight to Rochester. The emotions stampeding through my chest are numerous and varied. The most obvious one: sad. Two months cannot possibly encompass enough time for friends that I’ve connected with. Relationships that in the states would have taken a year to develop seem to have taken root overnight. And then there are all those people I’ve just met. Those relationships that have barely begun to form, and that I will never experience blossom.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of pleasant emotions swirling around in there too. I’ll label one as hopeful. Hopeful that this three month journey has created a stronger, more knowledgeable individual. World politics and cultural insights are galore here in Israel. Add on an international mix of volunteers, and *presto* we have anthropology and political science 101 (and 201, 301 so forth and so forth).

For our last emotion of the day, let’s not forget the ever present nostalgia. True, I seem to carry this one around with me on most days, no matter where I am. But right now it’s in the forefront of my thoughts, as the ride down the memory lane of Israel has already begun. My memories are already making me (once again) laugh to the point of tears, and cringe with embarrassment (the embarrassment mostly arises from the fact that I’m on a bus with strangers during this laughing/crying progression). But the drops on my face are thankfully drying, and the next phase of my fickle nostalgic heart is already bringing a pleasant smile to my exhausted face.


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