Broken Doors (August 27th)

Mongolians hate symmetry. Or so it seems. A photographer would be in ecstasy here in the land of blue sky and angles. I first came to this conclusion with my kitchen cabinet. Of all the seven doors included in this fine and extremely used piece of furniture, none are straight. None of them even match the same angle of crookedness as another! It’s impressive if you think about it. Which obviously, I have. My fridge door only has a slight downward tilt to it, but it still seems to keep in the cold air. My ger and outhouse doors’ both need to be hoisted up before closing properly (ish). Walking home today along the dirt path, I realized that all of the gates to individual hashaas (closed in yards) are at least at a twenty degree angle downward. Maybe its a Western thing to think about straight lines. Or maybe Mongolians just have more important things to thing about, like insulating their homes against negative fourth degree weather. Pshh, priorities.


One thought on “Broken Doors (August 27th)

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