Fears (August 25th)

A list of fears that have developed while in Mongolia

  1. Dropping something into the outhouse pit. Outhouses look like tiny little sheds that have wooden slats covering a pit, with one slat in the middle missing where you can “relieve yourself”. Objects I fear losing oscillate between my roll of toilet paper, flip flops, phone, glasses, headlamp and key.
  2. Stepping in the outhouse slit myself and getting stuck… or worse breaking a limb.
  3. Not ever figuring out what the word for spatula is in Mongolian. (I just want to buy one- I know they exist here!!!)
  4. A fat cow missing me in its line of sight and consequently running me over, turning me into pancake shaped Ariel.
  5. My ger door/ger lock freezing shut, and I not being able to open it.
  6. Dying from either too much sugar/chocolate or from the toxins they put in Chinese Ramen.

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