Ger Inventory

I am currently in my very own… GER (think Mongolian yurt)! It’s a bit chilly, as they haven’t yet given me a stove yet to heat said ger. No fire has lead me to don three layers of clothing, then securely wrap myself in a comforter (by the way, it’s August). Along with the chilly night, a Mongolian bedtime lullaby permeates the circular felt walls of my ger. Barking dogs chatter ceaselessly yelling both warnings and friendly yips. Cows make sure to stay on beat, bellowing two or so moos every stanza. A truck and its old, rumbling engine stumble across the gravel road. And for the finale, a Mongolian conversation cuts through the chilly air, full of the typical scolding and giggles that only a Mongolian family can pull off. Inside my chilly ger there’s a lovely little bed (five wooden slats approximately a foot off the ground), table, cozy chair, two stools, tiny chest of drawers, armoir comprised of four pegs in a wooden box, freezer which is too finicky to use, very broken tv, water jug, dry sink, trashcan with little bunnies on it, two tumpins (big plastic bowl like objects used for bathing and washing clothes), a water filter and cabinet for cooking supplies and food. I’m doing my best to home-y-tize it, draping pictures and scarves from the poles descending from the roof.

Written August 22nd, 2014


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