Thoughts in the Jarlan

Just to forewarn readers, peace corps volunteer’s conversations are rumored to revolve around three things and three things only: 1) food 2) poop 3) sex. This rumor is …well, pretty darn accurate. Only yesterday I partook in an extensive phone call centered around my friend’s uneasiness in using a real toilet. After squatting for three months in an outhouse, the act of sitting down on something while reliving herself just felt odd, making it difficult for her to complete her business. I have yet to feel this way, but I have started warming up to squatting while listening to horses stampeding by. While chillin in my outhouse this morning, I weighed the pro’s and cons of my new bathroom.

As I’m sure you are dying to know these enlightened thoughts, I will list them.


  1. Feeling like a part of nature. That beautiful breeze coming over the oddly short door is refreshing. Also the noises of random animals makes you feel less self-conscious.
  2. You really don’t have to worry about stinking up the bathroom.
  3. Doing squats in workouts is no longer necessary, my legs are gonna be toned!


  1. The constant fear of dropping your toilet paper in the pit. I have yet to do it, but there’s always a few down there in every outhouse.
  2. The danger of losing one, or both butt cheeks to hyperthermia. Dropping all lower layers in negative forty degree weather? What a wonderful idea!
  3. This is by far the biggest problem for me: Not being pick up a good book, sit down and read for a while. I guess I could bring a book to the outhouse, but I have yet to figure out the logistics…

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