Sidenote: Why I’m a Joke 9/23

We’re all aware I can’t spell, and now my students are too. This afternoon in English club a ninth grader corrected my spelling. Did “congratulations” have two t’s or a d and a t? I couldn’t for the life of me remember. Now that I’m typing I’ve forgotten all over again. I’d like to blame dyslexia, or some garden variety of learning disorder. But no, it’s just me. I REALLY can’t spell. I will never be able to spell. But at least my students can!


3 thoughts on “Sidenote: Why I’m a Joke 9/23

  1. Pretend you’re “feigning ignorance.” Feigned Ignorance is one of our teaching taxonomy techniques to get students doing more of the thinking and the cognitive work. So what if it’s real ignorance? I totally screw up the math in front of kids all the time 😉


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