The Fly 9/23

Tonight, I achieved something glorious.

There are two types of flies. The average fly is annoying, but easily ignored. Then there is the fat, hairy, disgusting fly. The one that buzzes around so loudly you can hear it in the next room. It is almost impossible to swatter

One would think it would be easier to smush; they are bigger targets. In truth these flies barely ever land, buzzing louder and louder around the room for hours on end. This entire day one particularly nasty fly has occupied my ger. I tried swatting it with notebooks and papers, even once using my Nalgene. I really don’t consider myself a bloodthirsty killer. After all, I’m in the PEACE Corps. But even the most nature-loving, tree-hugging volunteer has known how it feels to be consumed by the bloodthirsty urge to kill upon hearing “the buzz” for hours on end. And tonight, a mere thirty seconds ago I, Ariel Klein, made Peace Corps Volunteers around Mongolia proud. I killed that fly. And I killed it good.

So yes, I may have had a great English club tonight. And I may have finally participated in a Mongolian conversation with the Biology teachers. But none of those little successes compare to my triumphant murder of that nasty bugger.


2 thoughts on “The Fly 9/23

  1. Ahahaha this reminds me of how your dad has to kill any insect the flies around the house and will stalk it through all the rooms! I miss the kleins (mostly you)


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