New Friend

This weekend I enjoyed a lovely lunch with my new friend Miga. We met last weekend when I was, per usual, staring at the candy section, perplexed. Should I spend more money on the pink chocolate ones, or go with the cheap multicolored ones? Oh, the choices. She walked up, introduced herself, and started reciting some relatively good English at me. I learned she was twenty-five, currently unemployed (aka bored) and lived in one of the bags surrounding my soum. She had “heard about me” and had decided to use me as a target for English practice. Although I had essentially been stalked, I was ecstatic to have a friend. We decided to meet up that Saturday.

Saturday rolled around, and we met next to the school. Strolling around, we finally settled on the only gwan open. I had unfortunately just eaten, but she proclaimed she was treating me to lunch. One potato salad and khusuur were promptly shoved in my direction. You don’t say no to khusuur. I ate up. Uncomfortably full, I showed her my ger. After talking for a while she left with three English books and a boatload of movies and music. I have a friend, yayy!

Written November 1st, 2015


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