Vacation 11.06

Last Friday completed the first semester of my first year teaching English in Mongolia. I believe there are four semesters per year, but then again I’m often, if not always, wrong about everything. The one thing I know for certain is that this week is vacation! Technically speaking, teachers still work this week. Personally, I am taking this week to relax and smell the roses (or more likely, the smell of burning trash). Monday and Tuesday I visited a neighboring soum, where another Peace Corps volunteer resides. Abby lives in a super new, warm dorm with sometimes running water. It’s incredible.

10014630_3266239087887_1777770026205718104_n (3)While my teachers sat through mind-numbing seminars, I relaxed in her room reading and (mostly her) making a superbly delicious apple pie (oh right, cause she has an OVEN). Now it’s Thursday, and I’ve managed to have an impressively unproductive two days in my own soum. Not only have I spent most of the time in bed, I’ve also managed to only leave my khashaa once. I’ve been telling myself that cleaning, laundry and lesson planning will happen in the near future. But maybe not tonight.


2 thoughts on “Vacation 11.06

  1. Dear Sis,
    Sometimes I wonder if we are really related – you traveling the world every chance you get, and me clinging to the US (preferably the east coast, within a 6 hour drive of Rochester) with every fiber of my being. Then I read how you spent your vacation and I realize we are most definitely related.
    Your sis that just woke up at 2pm because the phone rang and is still in her bathrobe


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