Eggless (January ’15)

Pancakes are a wonderful thing. Light and fluffy, they can be combined with a multitude of fruits, chocolates and syrups and are easy to make from scratch. I’ve been itching to make them for a while now. First, I didn’t have the right cooking equipment- it took forever to figure out the word for spatula and I never seemed to remember to buy a frying pan while visiting UB. Next I had to discover what baking powder looked like- in Mongolia it come in little orange packets. Once these tasks had finally been completed, I changed gers. This meant no cooking for two solid weeks while I cleaned every surface in my new home (it was DISGUSTING when I moved in) and began the process of moving all of my earthly possessions in Mongolia (I’m still not finished).

Finally I am ready to make pancakes. I even have time- it’s my semi vacation. But there is one remaining obstacle in turning my pancake dream into a reality- I keep eating all the eggs. I’ve recently starting making eggs and yummy hash browns (some sautéed cut up potatoes with garlic, onions and bell peppers mixed in). Unfortunately, every time I’ve had a craving for pancakes this week has taken place after I make eggs and hash browns. And for some odd reason, there’s always one lone egg left chilling in the refrigerator, staring at me. I swear that egg feels empathy. It just watches me, understanding my torment at needing a partner egg to make pancakes. So I return that stare, pull back my shoulders and swear to myself that I will buy enough eggs next time, and I will make pancakes.


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