Peanut Butter Cup Contest Winner

Alright ya’ll- the results are in (and have been for a long time… I may have written this forever ago and completely forgotten about it). First I would like to thank my mother, sister and Sveta for bringing their A game in sending my way some delicious specimens of dessert. My teachers and I savored every last morsel. In fact, the teachers now associate the combination of peanut butter and chocolate with the great nation of America. This week, the winner of the peanut butter competition became obvious. The instant I bit into the first cup I knew. So here it is: Greta’s homemade peanut butter cups take the gold! Even though I’m pretty sure one of the teachers was holding my package hostage for at least a month before I received it, they tasted fresh out of the… oven? I’m not entirely sure how one goes about making peanut butter cups from scratch. All I know is that although half of them melted from being placed too close to my fire, they still tasted like home.


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