You Know You Live in Mongolia When…

  1. You see someone throw out paper on TV and think “wait! That’s valuable kindling!”
  2. Walking home often resembles a maze, where you must plan in advance which route you will take through the dense herd of cows.
  3. You sometimes try and remember what it looks like not to have coal dust on various parts of your body.
  4. You are accustomed to having poor vision outside, as it impossible to see through your fogged up glasses.
  5. You start to wonder what you ever did in the various rooms of old apartments and houses.
  6. You remember the last time you had a slight tan, and sigh.
  7. You develop ingenious methods to look professional with the least possible amount of work and water usage. This may include much baby wiping clothes and use of “wrinkle be gone” spray.
  8. You are never barefoot, even alone in your own ger, for fear a Mongolian may walk in and scold you.
  9. You always lock your door, because having people walk in without knocking is something you never get used to.
  10. Picking out splinters becomes a daily activity.
  11. You use the same amount of water in one week you would use for one shower back in America.
  12. While cooking, the five second rule is extended to infinity.
  13. People think tomato soup is “diet food” as there are no starches, carbs or meat involved.
  14. You wash your floor twice a week, and your pants once a month (…maybe).

One thought on “You Know You Live in Mongolia When…

  1. Hey! This is hilarious to read because a lot of the things are the same as in Togo: maze-like villages, the dust (except our’s is dirt, not coal, unless that evening you’re cooking over a charcoal stove) – sometimes I can’t tell if I have tan lines or if it’s just dust – and speaking of tans, my arms, face and feet might be tan but nothing else, poor vision outside (because of the dust), people walking in the house at all hours, and super limited water use! Miss ya lady


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