City to Village Project

  FULLY FUNDED. Thanks a bunch to everyone who donated!

In the rural villages of Mongolia, career development resources for ambitious, hardworking students are scarce. For the most part, students in these villages are unaware of the steps one must take to successfully obtain available jobs in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. They are uninformed as to what skills, extracurricular activities and college degrees are necessary to make them competitive candidates in this new job market.

To rectify this problem, three fellow Peace Corps volunteers and I are leading a project called Village to City. We will take twenty of the brightest, most ambitious high school students from villages around Mongolia on informational business tours, along with hosting seminars on topics such as goal setting and networking.

Many of these children are from nomadic herding families, and none have ever visited Ulaanbaatar. For them, this experience will be eye-opening. Not only will they will discover the endless possibilities that their futures hold, but they will also learn how to realize their potential in achieving their newly created goals. Next year, these students will hold their own seminars in their villages to share the information learned this summer. They will become peer-leaders, finding within themselves the ability to empower others.

This project is vital in developing a stronger Mongolian youth, and we can’t do it alone. Donations are needed to make this project a reality, and we need them fast (by May 17th). If you would like to contribute a donation, please visit Any help, from twenty bucks to two hundred, will go a long way.

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