DSC_0313 (2)If you have been following this blog, you most likely noticed a heavy prevalence of cow themed writings and pictures. Hopefully, you have enjoyed these posts. Now, I will list four factoids explaining why it appears that I have become deeply obsessed with cows.

  1. My soum is the largest soum in Tov Province with 7,000 residents and 20,000 cows.
  2. Because we are so close to Ulaanbaatar, nomadic herding is difficult. Sheep and goats need large amounts of land to live off of… but not cows!
  3. Batsumber’s herdsmen sell their cow milk by loading it into a giant milk tank, closely resembling a gasoline tank, welded to a truck bed.
  4. Batsumber’s cows are more expensive than other Mongolians cows… because they’re just that awesome.

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