Mongol Voices : The Transition and Foreign Cassettes

Cool interview with a Mongolian by a fellow Peace Corps volunteer.

Tales of a Traveling Aggie

Here is another piece to my series of interviews with Mongolians to further understand Mongolian culture and history. A couple weeks ago I sat down with an incredible person, Uugii has always been incredibly helpful to me with projects and navigating Mongolian culture. I often helped her with her 6th grade class, and it was obvious that her students loved her. She sat down with me to answer some questions…

How long have you worked at school 3?

I have been working for 13 years as an English teacher.

How long have you lived in Uliastai ?

I have lived here since I was born.

What has changed about Uliastai? What was different when you were a child?

Not really changed in Uliastai. I think paved roads are new, and more shops and markets. And also restaurants and pubs . The Private sector has grown.

It was difficult when I…

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