Bucket List

When I first got to site, I had ideas. So many ideas. Ideas of trips I wanted to take, things I wanted to learn, and goals I wanted to achieve. After a while, I started to forget these plans. I settled into a groove… and stayed there. While sorting through old half-written blog posts, I recently found a Mongol-bucket list written last fall. Rereading it has reminded me of all the random things I still have yet to do and/or accomplish here. I guess I better get going!

Bucket List

  1. Go to visit both a shaman and a natural healer
  2. Learn to chop wood and break coal like a pro 
  3. Go an entire two weeks without any communication with another Anglophone 
  4. Take a corny picture with a Reindeer and Santa’s sleigh in Chingiis Square
  5. Visit the lake in Khuvsgul
  6. Get into the habit of cleaning my ger so that it lives up to Mongolian expectations (or at least comes close)
  7. Get up to 100 blog posts
  8. Teach five kids, once illiterate in English, how to read
  9. Teach at least one student how to read and play beginning piano music 
  10. Become so close to my host family that they actually feel like family
  11. Learn the buses in UB
  12. Go to a salsa club 
  13. Learn to successful fold Buuz and Khusuur
  14. Be able to read Mongolian cursive without squinting for too long 
  15. Learn at least half of the teachers, janitors, lunch ladies, and shop keepers names in my soum
  16. Get a Mongolian language tutor
  17. Visit the old folks’ home in Bayan Gol
  18. Learn a Mongolian song and dance
  19. Learn to play volleyball, Mongol style
  20. Go to a hair cutting ceremony 
  21. Visit the homes of every one of my Counterparts 
  22. Learn how to keep my ger warm for a full 24 hours without having to relight it
  23. Get good at blackboard organization
  24. Get 2 Counterparts to use mostly English commands in class, without translating them afterwards
  25. Take a bath or wash my hair without getting any water on the floor
  26. Have sharing become second nature
  27. Be able to tell apart each “u” sound in Mongolian without trying
  28. Go to Eagle Fest
  29. Not die of hyperthermia 

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