Life is all about perspective.

For example, it’s raining right now. Inside my ger. While some lucky Peace Corps volunteers’ gers are watertight, with only a slight drip of rainwater heard inside these dwellings, other volunteers are not as privileged. One volunteer has gotten used the sensation of a nice shower on her face when it rains… at night, while she’s asleep in bed. My ger’s waterproofness remains in between. There’s a constant trickle of water that flows from a dozen places mainly situated in the middle of my ger. A couple of the sides flood, but if I roll up my carpet on the right side and strategically place my suitcases and boxes, none of my possessions get too wet. So, am I lucky that my face remains dry during a thunderstorm, or unlucky in that I have to rearrange a third of my possessions before they get soaked and clean up pools of water after the showers end? I choose to believe I’m fortunate. Especially since the pools of water that form tend to drown at least half of the ants that are currently swarming my floors.


5 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Baby, can I send you guys some trash bags and duct tape and silicone caulking???? (Note that I’m only guessing how one would fix a leak…. Like I could repair anything. Hah!)


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