The Dresser

“What are the other teachers talking about?”

“Outside there is machine with things.”

“What things?”

“You know… things.”

Last year, my interest would have been piqued. This year I promptly dismissed the answer and moved on to the next point of conversation in my one on one tutoring with Boloroo. We talked about why she doesn’t like Nadaam, and how the drinking water in Batsumber contains a chemical that gives hair split ends.

Later in the day as Hana and I ventured outside to bask in the warm glow of sunshine, we were met with a truck of overflowing furniture. Beds (with REAL MATTRESSES!), desks, armoires and dressers were being haphazardly unloaded by sluggish teenage boys.

As the trainer manager came by, I joked about taking one. She replied with an… “okay”. Hana and I stared at each other in shock; another storage device in our small living quarters would be lovely! Although we didn’t let ourselves completely buy in to the fact that we would actually be acquiring new furniture, we were gleeful at the prospect. We let ourselves daydream of actual organization, oh how easy it would be to keep everything tidy!

DSC_0437I now currently sit next to my new used dresser. It’s beautiful. Only one of the drawers is broken, but I can still use it to store books. I found it outside my ger last night, crushing a mound of cow poop. This morning Hana came over to help carry it into my ger. Luckily, it just fit through my itsy ger door. I’ve already cleaned it with baby wipes and loaded my work clothes into it. Ah, what luxury.


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