Toilet Paper


I’m not embarrassed to say it. I’ve gone through a lot of toilet paper this past week. A good chunk of a tree was used to dispose of large quantities of neon green phlegm. I guess I could buy tissues, but that just seems rather silly. Anyways, I’m near finished with my last toilet paper roll.

Today I came home from school early since the teacher I had class with this afternoon didn’t lesson plan with me, and as I am a bit under the weather, I decided to pull the “I don’t teach if we don’t lesson plan” card. I walked home, removed my two locks, took my off shoes and went straight to bed for three hours. Now that was a glorious nap, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, upon waking the impending doom of an empty toilet paper roll and the fact that my ger’s food stock consisted of four onions and peanut butter came to my attention. Now I’m all about experimenting, but there is no way that mixture could ever be conceived as promising.

Although still a bit grumpy, I realized I must wander out into the world and exchange some tugriks for a couple rolls of white soft-ish gloriousness, and oh yeah, some food. It was slightly raining outside, so I started a nice small fire and began getting dressed. As I snuggled into some warm socks the rain started furiously pelting down upon the felt fabric of my home. I looked at the clock and saw the shop would possibly be closing soonish (store owners take artistic license with their hours) so it was now or never. I reluctantly slipped on my yellow raincoat and stuffed twenty thousand tugriks (twelve bucks) in its side pocket.

I headed out, careful not to dip my sneakers in any puddles. Upon arriving at the shop, I treated myself to real, pricey tuna and gouda-esque cheese. Sometimes all a girl really needs is a nice melt to throw off a bad mood. I stocked up on a few other supplies, including an apple in hopes of convincing my body it was being healthy. Then I set off again for home.

The rain had ceased and the clouds were creeping away.  Cows nodded politely to me while I walked down our newly paved road, and the soft breeze made me wish my walk home was longer so as to prolong my entry inside. I left that afternoon in poor spirits and arrived back with my mood elevated. I didn’t even mind that while unlocking my door, my nose was awkwardly leaking. I just took my muddy shoes off and reached for the toilet paper… and realized I had forgotten to buy another roll. But my mood didn’t dip; I just reached for the next best thing- some baby wipes.


2 thoughts on “Toilet Paper

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  2. I was reading your little blurb about your toilet paper story and was wondering how calmly you handle your situation. I don’t think that I could ever do what you are doing. I guess that is why I am here and you are in Mongolia. You are a very strong person and I love you very much.


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