Seventeen Months and a Cactus

DSC_0031 (4)

Next week will bring seventeen months since coming to Mongolia. Just for the record, that’s a pretty long time. Long enough for me to sometimes forget where I am on Google Map, and what that signifies. My days have become pretty ordinary, usually spent teaching and followed by chilling in the teachers’ lounge where I have enjoyable yet unmemorable conversations with anyone who wants to listen to my horrible accent.

But sometimes the Google Map thing is still pretty apparent. For example, today after yet another conversation ended, I asked my English teacher why there was a cactus next to our department’s computer. Boloroo answered that it protects the computer from bad energy. So… that caught my attention. I proceeded to ask if the cactus protected everything from bad energy, or only electronics. Like, if I slept with a cactus next to my bed, and managed not to roll onto its spikes while dreaming, would it also shield me from bad mojo?

Unfortunately, she didn’t understand the question. On the bright side, I still have ten months left to get an answer.


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