Being a Blabbermouth

I can be a blabbermouth. In case this word is too sophisticated for you, this means that I have the ability to talk nonstop about unimportant, uninteresting things without interruption for an extended period of time. Now most people don’t think of this as a skill… probably because in any normal circumstance, it isn’t. In fact it’s generally just really, really annoying to anyone within shouting distant (did I mention I can be really loud too?). But, as the innovative person that I am, I have at last found an appropriate outlet for my blabbermouthiness.

One of the biggest problems regarding Mongolian English language education is that in the countryside (aka anywhere other than the capital) native, or even near fluent English speakers, are virtually nonexistent. Students and teachers don’t have the chance interact with people that actually know what English should sound like. This means that I, Ariel, am a rare commodity.

This equates to two things:

  1. I feel kinda special.
  2. The more I talk, the more my students and teachers profit.

As long as I cater my speaking to the correct level of my students, I can pretty much chat about anything I want. For all intents and purposes, it is actually useful for me to blabber on for ten minutes about my Mongolian bucket list or even about the weird smell in my ger that refuses to go away. I’ve even gotten highly skilled at inserting whatever grammar points I need into any subject I see fit to describe.

What can I say, I’m a pro at talking.


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