You know you’re a PCV in Mongolia when…

  1. Your calls with friends are usually 20, 40 or 60 minutes long.
  2. You casually mention peeing in a bucket, and not a single person bats an eye.
  3. You start longing for a neon cashmere jumpsuit.
  4. You think your alcohol tolerance is pretty low, but in reality the beers are just twice as big.
  5. You are slightly worried about the multiple cavities that are quite likely taking root in your mouth, but continue to eat all the candy anyways, partially out of politeness but mostly out of an intense addiction to sugar.

You know you’ve been living in Mongolia when…

  1. It feels weird to accept something with your left hand.
  2. Your tolerance for extremely hot liquids has severely increased.
  3. You’re afraid that upon returning to America you will unconsciously slurp wet, and dry, foods.
  4. You start learning Russian solely from the things men shout at you in greeting in your village, even though you’ve been living there for over a year and they should really know by now that you are not Russian.
  5. You now judge the cleanliness of a place or person based on tidy-ness, not hygiene.
  6. You can’t decide between naming the new puppy in your yard icicle or ice cube.