Aimag: A Mongolian province

Aimag Center: The capital of an Aimag

Ax (Akh): An older brother

Bag (Baga): A small neighborhood, often up to 20 kilometers away from the main village.

Batsumber: Where I live! A big village (7,000 Mongolians) two hours north of Ulaanbaatar

Buutz: Dumplings filled with meat

Darkhan: One of the three cities outside of Ulaanbaatar

Deel: The Mongolian national outfit. Looks like a very very fancy bathrobe

Delguur: A little store that sells food and/or goods

Dry Sink: A sink not connected to plumbing used by pouring water into a container which is connected to the facet.

Duu: A younger brother or sister

Hashaa: The usual Mongolian house and yard surrounded by a fence

Host/Hashaa Family: The family that owns, and lives, in the yard where my ger is located.

Jarlan: Outhouse

Ger: A Mongolian yurt

Gwan/Gazar: A tiny, hole in the wall restaurant that only serves basic Mongolian food

Khuushuur: Meat in deep friend flour pockets

Milk Tea: The preferred Mongolian beverage; made by boiling milk with tea and spices.

Nadaam: A national holiday where men participate in the “three manly sports”: archery, wrestling and horse racing. A large quantity of khuushuur is consumed.

Nomgon: A small village (population of 2,000) a forty minutes drive from Darkhan city where I spent the first three months for training.

Ping: A wooden shed-like structure attached to the front entrance of a ger door that acts as a sort of mudroom in which you can store wood and that helps keep the wind and drunk men out of your ger.

Soum: A village. Soum’s normally range from 2,000 to 8,000 inhabitants.

Trans-Siberian Train Line: A line on the Trans-Siberian Railway that starts in Moscow, goes through Ulaanbaatar and ends in Beijing.

Tumpin: Big plastic bowl used for “showering”.

Ulaanbaatar: The capital of Mongolia.

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