Ger Life

I love living in a ger.

IMG_2140During pre-service training (all the way back in the summer of 2014) we had site placement interviews. We were asked our preferences: city, provincial capital or village, east or west, apartment or ger. The interviewers said they couldn’t promise anything, but they would try to take our answers into account when deciding our final site placement. I told them that I needed to live in a village or provincial capital; city pollution and asthma do not mix. I preferred west, but most volunteers do. Lastly, I wasn’t sure what form my housing should take. Living in a ger appealed to my sense of culture and history, but apartment living would be so, so much easier. Continue reading

Alone Again

Alone. It sounds scary. It is scary. Or, it can be. Only three months ago I felt the undesirable characteristics of this concept. I was unsure of my newfound autonomy. Now I am slowly adapting to the sensation that once left me in the hands of desperation. I am realizing how calming it is to separate oneself from social activities. I appreciate the ability to focus inwards, gifting myself time and energy that once was spend catering to others. This may sound selfish, and it is in a way. But I am finding that in order to lead a meaningful and enjoyable life, selfishness is essential, at least to a point; and finding comfort within myself is well within these limits.

You know you’re a PCV in Mongolia when…

  1. Your calls with friends are usually 20, 40 or 60 minutes long.
  2. You casually mention peeing in a bucket, and not a single person bats an eye.
  3. You start longing for a neon cashmere jumpsuit.
  4. You think your alcohol tolerance is pretty low, but in reality the beers are just twice as big.
  5. You are slightly worried about the multiple cavities that are quite likely taking root in your mouth, but continue to eat all the candy anyways, partially out of politeness but mostly out of an intense addiction to sugar.

Being a Blabbermouth

I can be a blabbermouth. In case this word is too sophisticated for you, this means that I have the ability to talk nonstop about unimportant, uninteresting things without interruption for an extended period of time. Now most people don’t think of this as a skill… probably because in any normal circumstance, it isn’t. In fact it’s generally just really, really annoying to anyone within shouting distant (did I mention I can be really loud too?). But, as the innovative person that I am, I have at last found an appropriate outlet for my blabbermouthiness. Continue reading


I looked at my phone, begrudging the 1:00 am time stamp. My bad water bucket was about to overflow and even though my trusty clock told me it was well past midnight, I had to take care of it or risk a puddle of icky liquid oozing onto the floor. I pulled my doorknob inwards with one hand, using the other to drag my two rusty door bolts aside. A fresh wave of air raced into my ger, and I grabbed the once white handle of the bucket now permanently stained an intricate design of dirt tie-dye. I steadily drew the pail upwards, careful not to spill. Continue reading